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Ignite your child's natural curiosity, joy and love of learning

Hands on, self paced, collaborative learning

Guided by an experienced Montessori teacher.

We explore individual interests to enable ongoing positive engagement and enthusiasm.

What our customers are saying

Ricki & Louis

Rachel recognises and embraces each child's individual way of learning and designs her lessons to meet the different needs of each student. Rachel's boundless enthusiasm and endless positivity have given my son confidence in his ability to learn and has allowed him to develop a love of learning. In a nutshell, Rachel is an amazing teacher and a truly adorable woman.

Laurentine, James, Hugo & Rangi

Rachel has been a wealth of knowledge when it comes to conscious parenting and homeschooling. She has been there for me many times with solutions that are simple to implement, interactive and child-led!

Heather , Lily & Sammy

We were so blessed to find out about Rachel and the Homeschool Montessori collective, and both of my daughters have just adored being a part of this community. My eldest daughter Lily is very sensitive and prone to anxiety, and at 10yrs of age had, until now, never felt safe to spend an entire day without me. However after meeting Rachel and visiting the beautiful prepared environment, she was excited and happy to leave me and spend a day in someone else’s care. Rachel has a unique gift for understanding every child’s different needs and behaving accordingly towards them. She is so calm and peaceful and loving towards them all. My daughters have learnt so much under her guidance and have just thrived on the curriculum supplied by Rachel. They have learnt to write Poetry and recite it in front of all of the Parents, and have grasped an understanding of Cosmic Education, just to name a few. The girls have made secure and special friendships too. We could not be happier!

From the Creator

So glad you found us, welcome to

Montessori Homeschool Collective

For approximately 15 years I have trained, taught and mentored in Montessori environments over these years I have worked extensively with children and their families. The past few years I have worked more closely with a few families, they shared with me their needs and desires for their children. I listened intently and created what it was they were searching for.

A nurturing space where homeschool children could come together and be guided and inspired by a professionally trained Montessori Teacher. Encouraging resilience, independence, self motivation and a life long love of learning.

Rachel Gibson || Founder

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